Empowering Your Decision

Photography projects are generally completed within a 7-day timeframe.


Video projects are generally completed within a 10-day timeframe.


Impacts to delivery:

 – Advanced Editing

 – Custom projects

 – Special Requests

 – Seasonal Demands

Payment is required upon project confirmation/completion, while larger projects may require a deposit to secure resources. When applicable, we adhere to the accounts payable guidelines of larger companies.


Payments are accepted through Zelle, checks, ACH and Paypal.

Our primary focus is on commercial projects. We do not offer consumer-related services, such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. 

Our studio is equipped to handle a wide range of projects. We also have resources to manage larger or location-specific projects.

Our deliverables are primarily tailored for online usage, and as such, we offer an unlimited usage license without any royalties. We are flexible to accommodate for print and broadcast licensing if required.

Photographers/Videographers maintain the copyrights photos and videos. These cannot be resold to any third party without obtaining our prior written permission. However, we do have options to allow for the transfer of copyrights.

We do not require a deposit for most projects. For projects that involve upfront resources, locations or equipment allocation, we may request a deposit to secure the necessary arrangements.

We have established partnerships with agencies and freelancers to fulfill these requirements for various projects.

We utilize Dropbox as our main platform for delivering images and videos. We are capable of delivering content at much higher resolutions for both images and videos. However, complying with most general platform requirements, images are delivered with a resolution of 2000 pixels on the shorter side, while videos are delivered in 1080 resolution. 

Although I am a single owner and operator, I frequently collaborate with freelancers, crew members, and other resources to manage project requirements.

We have expertise in conceptualizing and providing creative direction for projects. Depending on the specific requirements, we have the ability to engage industry experts to ensure the best results.

As part of our final editing process, we incorporate reference images and videos. However, it is essential to understand that these references serve as a guiding tool and are not intended to be replicated exactly. We meticulously review the “proof” versions during the evaluation phase and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved.

Throughout the review period, you have the opportunity to communicate with us and request alterations to the Content, which may involve reshoots, edits, or the inclusion of additional photos. We are committed to accommodating your requests, and upon your inquiry, we will provide reshoots or perform edits at no additional cost, subject to the following circumstances.